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x cards

Hee hee, that sounds naughty. Because it is.

X Cards are a 100% optional mini TCG within the larger TCG.
YES IT IS A TCG WITHIN A TCG, TWO LEVELS. sorry, big Inception fan here

Okay, getting serious here. Many BL games have explicit content, including CG stills. These images are always excluded from TCG use, which is great because TCGs should appeal to everyone. But... they should appeal to everyone, including those of us who like the explicit CGs and are old enough to view them.

That's where the X Cards come in!

the golden rule

To protect members who are younger or who are simply not interested in these kinds of images, this is the #1 rule:

X Cards will only be displayed and traded in the restricted area of the forum.

I am dead serious about this. Any member who displays X Cards outside of the restricted area will be immediately and permamently removed from the TCG. If we are adults looking at adult-themed images, then we will BE adults and trade in a responsible manner. All trade posts for X Cards will exist on the forum ONLY.

how it works

Most decks here will have a 10-card mini deck of X Cards to collect. I say most because not all BL games have explicit CGs. Decks that have X Cards available will have a red heart () displayed on the card listing.

These cards are displayed on a special, secondary card list, completely separate from the main card listing. In addition, the place where X Cards are displayed is password-protected.

There is a password-protected area of the site where approved members can go to play games that will give X Cards. Note that these games ONLY give X Cards, so members who are not interested in collecting them will not be at a disadvantage. In addition, X Cards do NOT count toward your level in the main TCG.

X Cards can be mastered. Again, the prizes are only X Cards, keeping the mini TCG contained.

x cards summary

To summarize the main points about X Cards:

♥ X Cards are 100% optional. You won't even see them if you're not interested in participating.
♥ You will not be at a disadvantage in the TCG if you decide not to participate.
♥ X Cards are ONLY to be displayed in your X Cards trade post in the restricted area of the forum.
♥ X Cards do not count toward your Boundless Love TCG level.
♥ X Cards can be mastered - all you will get are more X Cards.
♥ X Cards can be obtained by playing games in a password-protected area on the site.

want to participate?

Send Rahenna a forum PM to request access.

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