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sorry for my absence!

24 Oct 2014
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Hi all, this is a quick post to say that I'm sorry for disappearing. A lot of stuff has been going on with me (cat got sick again, etc) and I haven't been focusing on TCG things at all. I'm going to get back into it soon. I recently closed my huge Sailor Moon TCG and I'm going to use that time to focus on getting my small games back up to speed. :)

It may be a while before I can make cards again, though. My laptop had an issue where it was randomly deleting subfolders inside my website folder, and unfortunately I lost ALL of my BL CG packs. *sigh* It will take me some time to gather them all again but I'll start working on it next week!

I know the forum games need updating too. I'll do those before next Friday and post a new update.

Thanks for putting up with my slowness! It's not like me to be such an irresponsible TCG owner, and I'm sorry about that!

Please take two choice cards and comment. They can be from the same set if you like. :3

ahahaha... IT IS TIME

16 Sep 2014
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OKAY. Everyone who's PM'd me about getting access to the X Zone (hee hee) should have a detailed PM in their inbox. Please check it out and PM me back if you have any questions.

Also, let me know if you run into any errors on the site, I had some problems with Java being stupid again. This goes for the main site too... I keep getting update notices and it's driving me nuts.

Also also, I released ONE new set because I'm amazingly hardworking like that. XD

Everyone can take either ONE card from the new set (and give it to me, ahahaha!) or ONE choice card from any other set. :3 Please comment!

Also, I made a stupid Tumblr, please consider following if you like GH! :3

PS: If you need a member card, don't forget to request one on the forum! :D

many apologies!

10 Sep 2014
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Hi everyone! So sorry for my absence lately, I've been caught up in a bunch of things recently but ironically my laziness has been mainly caused by playing Gakuen Heaven 2. Fail, I know. XD

forum game rewards!
Finally! I'm so sorry for the wait! I'll be setting up new rounds as soon as I finish making this post.

Pick up rewards here!

If you're not sure how many times to take the rewards, check the card chain and group collect threads. :)

other games!
Card Swap is updated on the forum. :D

And would you guys be interested in any additional activities? I was thinking of doing something similar to what I have on Crystalline (see bottom of that page for an example), where there are extra game rounds in addition to the typical mini TCG stuff.

These rounds would ALWAYS be available (never replaced by another one) so you could take as much time as you wanted to solve them, and I would add new ones every once in a while. This way, I could include some trivia type stuff about specific games without there being a lot of pressure to figure them out before they're replaced by the next one.

Your thoughts plz? :D

x cards?
Almost ready, I swear. Just a little more to do with the games and getting the forum settings just right, and then I'll start sending PMs to everyone who was interested.

I'll stop being a slug soon, I promise! I'll be finishing GH2 this week and there will be about three weeks before the GH1 remake (omfg!!!!) is in my hot little hands, so I should be functional for at least that small window of time. :3 If being an addict is wrong, I don't wanna be right, ahaha.

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