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level up

Ready to level up? Verify your card value and fill in this handy form. :3

level card value level card value
One 0-150 Six 1001-1500
Two 151-300 Seven 1501-2000
Three 301-500 Eight 2001-2500
Four 501-700 Nine 2501-3000
Five 701-1000 Ten 3001+

name:name: Please use your member name. :3
email:email: Just in case I have a question about your level up.
new level:new level: Please choose the level you are now on. :)
choice card 1:choice card 1: You get four cards of your choice when you level up! Which one do you want? Please use the full name of the card. Example: blackmail01  
choice card 2:
choice card 3:
choice card 4:

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