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what is this?

Hihi, this is Boundless Love, a BL CG TCG. Woo, acronyms! Anyway, I'm Rahenna, and I know calling this boundless love is stupid because most BL games are chock-full of annoying non-con situations, but hey! Boundless Love = BL = Boys Love = I am easily amused.

This is a little TCG that I've wanted to make for a while. It was originally started with the intention of being a secret mini TCG (back in 2009!) but I never felt too motivated to work on it because... well, no one was going to see it, really.

NOTE! The subject of this game is BL game CGs - the pretty still scenes from Japanese boys love video games. This means there are cards of boys kissing and cuddling and stuff like that. Proceed with caution!

Part of the reason why this was going to be a secret TCG was because I wanted to include explicit scenes on the cards, but didn't want to alienate potential members (or their moms, haha). Don't worry, I came up with a solution for that, so those of us who are naughty girls and boys can still collect some sexy cards as well. :Db

x cards

If you'd like to learn more about the optional explicit mini-decks called X Cards, I've made a separate page so interested members can read about them. Note that this page does not have any explicit material on it. In fact, there are no images on this page at all!

X Cards: Optional sexy collectibles! (learn about X Cards?)


Collect more cards to increase your level. It's your ranking in the TCG. Levels are generic numbers because BL games are so diverse there's really no good level system to capture them all. :p

rewards: 4 choice cards, 8 random cards (level up?)

level card value level card value
One 0-150 Six 1001-1500
Two 151-300 Seven 1501-2000
Three 301-500 Eight 2001-2500
Four 501-700 Nine 2501-3000
Five 701-1000 Ten 3001+


Collect all the cards in a deck and you will be its new master ahahahaha... *ahem* Yes, you will be rewarded for completing sets. You can take the shiny master badge from the card page and display it on your site in place of the cards, if you like.

Remember! Mastered decks are a set and the cards can no longer be traded.

rewards: 2 choice cards, 3 random cards (master?)



Some games and activities will give coupons as prizes. These can be exchanged for one choice card each, so make sure to find as many as you can!

exchange: 1 choice card per coupon (exchange?)

Boundless Love is © Rahenna & Marfisa (2009-2014) and is part of rahenna.com & neo-romance.net.