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stamp cards

For every 25 cards you trade, you'll be rewarded! You're not required to fill in any stamp card graphics, but you can use the one provided here. There's also a blank version for you to customize with your favorite image, if you prefer!

Please fill in this form once for EACH stamp card you complete. You don't need to paste your trade log here, but note that if you seem to be turning in a bunch of cards very quickly, you WILL be audited.

Reward: 1 choice card & 3 random cards per stamp card!

name:name: Please use your member name. :3
email:email: Just in case I have a question about your stamp cards.
choice regular:choice regular: You get one regular card of your choice for finishing a stamp card! Which one do you want? Please use the full name of the card. Example: blackmail01  

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